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Renewable energy and green solutions

North Law Firm advises businesses engaged in renewable energy and other initiatives towards a sustainable future. We are currently advising an important player within planned carbon storage (CCS).

North is serious about our future and the green transition

North Law Firm advises businesses engaged in renewable energy. Based on a strong foundation of corporate and commercial law, coupled with specific competences within renewable energy, we advise businesses engaged in renewable energy production as well as other CO2 reducing initiatives. We are currently advising an important player within planned carbon storage (CCS).


In a world struggling to provide sustainable green solutions in order to promote green solutions and battle climate change, law firms have an important role to play. At North Law Firm, we understand the importance of promoting businesses and organizations, who operate within the areas of renewable energy, green solutions, and environmental protection. Our dedicated team of lawyers has in-depth knowledge within these areas and helps our clients navigate legal obstacles and considerations accompanying such endeavors.


Our advise within these areas include both setting up business, corporate structuring, contracts with equity investors and lenders, as well as all kinds of contracts with suppliers, advisors, (joint venture) partners, and customers. Further, we assist on regulatory issues and obtaining public approvals, such as via license applications.​

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Expertise in renewable energy projects

Renewable energy is the key to a sustainable future, and as part of society’s investment in green transition, investments in solar energy, wind-energy, and other green technologies are increasing. Our specialized attorneys are ready to work closely with energy companies, project developers, and investors to facilitate these projects. We assist with everything from license applications and approvals to negotiations for project financing and entering into collaboration agreements.


Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Legal Matters

Compliance with environmental regulations and legislation is crucial for any company operating within renewable energy and green technology. North attorneys advise clients on navigating complex environmental and regulatory challenges.


Energy procurement and trading in renewable energy

Energy trading and procurement of renewable energy are central elements of the green transition. At North Law our attorneys can help you structure energy purchase agreements, negotiate with suppliers, and ensure they obtain the most favorable terms and conditions.


Disputes and conflict resolution in the green transition

Even in the green sector, disputes can arise. North attorneys at law are experienced in handling disputes within renewable energy and green technology. We always seek to find efficient and prompt solutions, including negotiations and alternative dispute resolution methods, to minimize costs and time for our clients.


The future of green legal solutions

As society continues to move towards a greener future, we expect the legal challenges within renewable energy and green transition to evolve. At North Lawyers, we are committed to staying ahead of these changes and helping our clients thrive in an increasingly sustainable world.


Erik Østergaard-Nielsen

Erik Østergaard-Nielsen

Partner & Advokat (L)

Selskabsret & Ansættelsesret

Telefon: +45 70 30 24 24
Mobil:+45 21 72 04 60
Mail: eon@northadvokater.dk



CEO, Partner & Advokat (H)

Fast Ejendom & Erhvervsret

Telefon: +45 70 30 24 24
Mobil: +45 25 71 70 62
Mail: man@northadvokater.dk

Tony Wendt

Tony Wendt

Partner & Advokat

Skat, Corporate & Commercial

Telefon: +45 70 30 24 24
Mobil: +45 209 204 60
Mail: tw@northadvokater.dk

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